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look this a serial killer


literally it's been like 5 months since this game came out and i've never commented on it so here's a compliment:


La bonne fin est superbe, j'aime les dessins, son regard, elle est ultra mignonne ^^. (Par contre, les autres fin... ><)

Dommage que l'on ai pas beaucoup plus d'image d'elle souriante, heureuse, amoureuse ^^.

Bref, j'ai adoré ^^.

Since I commented on FTSTTM I will also comment here ^o^

I loved Berrywitched so much and I can't wait for the Harvest!

Absolutely amazing

so im like, unable to play the game itself since it isn't letting me type my name in, but from the videos i've watched this is amazing!!! the style contrasts so well with the story and i love ittt

update: i was able to play it, i just had to transfer to a mobile device instead of my pc, lol. feels great to experience the game for myself!

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This game is amazing! I love how sweet and cute it is. So far I have the 2nd,3rd, and 4th endings. This game is absolutely perfect.

I need a strawberry bunny plushieee >.<//

Now I have the 1st.. :( Ima cry oml I hate that it's so sad!

I got the 5th ending I want to cry that poor baby TwT but I love that ending



ohhhh my god... I got the good ending on my first try and now I wanna cry a little. I'm also terrified to know what the other endings are. >.<


One of the best games I've played ahh! I got the good ending on my first playthrough and didn't want to get the other endings because I was scared that I would dislike them. Even though they were horrifying I still loved them! Such great concept and I definitely did enjoy this game a lot :D  the art is super cute too! Even after seeing all endings I feel bad for Strawberry and  love her character <3 Great job making this game ^^

Very intrigued at the script and how it played nicely with my emotions. I felt very mixed emotions about every ending and interactions between the two.


ending 1/5 makes me SOB im so sorry strawberry oh my god-- i knew it would be fucking horrific but i always wanna get all the endings so of course i did it but  J E S U S 

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I got a sweet ending on the first go and I guess that's the only ending I'm getting, I couldn't possibly disappoint or be mean to her after that. Great short game!


I really love this game I played it when it came out and it was amazing I just came back to get all the endings and lore and for all the people that are playing and played need to get all 5 endings can't recommend enough. 

i just played this game ,i can't type any when the girl ask for my name , ive seen a lot of people play it. It has such a plot twist to the story


cute female.

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Unfortunately I can't play the game myself. It's because I can't input may name (I can write it in but I can't send it). I'm using Firefox browser version 102.0.1 (64-bit), no adblockers/scriptblockers, Firefox Tracking Protection is disabled for this page.

The game itself is nice. The design is cute, the text is interesting, and the endings are really differ from one another.

P.S. Ending 5/5 is so sweet.

i freaken love this game, its amazing and the endings were also awesome


Just uploaded this to my channel. Really liked this game a lot. I only got one ending so far but I'm defiantly going back for the others. I love it!! Heres my video if you are interested in watching. Sorry the audio is a little high


First 5 minutes:This girl is so unrelentingly cheerful.  She some kind of yandere?  Or just sickeningly friendly?

Last 5 minutes:Well, they aren't a yandere.  Not sure if that makes it better or worse with what I know.  Yikes.

Might be being jaded, but that level of friendliness felt more unsettling than finding a "secret abattoir"....

Nice game, look forward to the sequel.

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I can't download for some reaso, has no download button. Other games have it still. Alternative download link?

it's not meant to be downloaded it's supposed to be played on the browser


I just finished up this game and it legitimately made me cry more than I have for a game, heck for a character, than any other in years. The pressures of this story are very rooted in real pains and it resonated heavily with me.

Wow, great game!

I just got all 5 endings and I have to say that some were quite shocking after having gotten the good ending first!

I was really expecting strawberry to be some super evil witch but she really wasn't in the end. I only got 2 endings, so I don't know if I'm right or not.

Oh well truly didn't expect that first ending. Don't want to spoil so I wouldn't say much. But I hope Berry can be happy....

Also interesting game! I love the story plot and the characters~ Because it feels understandable of the reason behind their action~

Really lovely and sweet. As someone whose struggled with suicidal thoughts in the past this really touched my heart <3 thank you for making this

The save feature is broken. Any time I try to save, it doesn't work.


the good ending is very wholesome.


the protagonist can be the antagonist, so thats a good twist.

Love it! Great work!

loved the game and got all endings


i play this alot during school because i love this game so much to the point where in my friend group we all drew her one time. this game is the light of my life. i want to marry strawberry (not in a weird way but in a way that i want to make her feel loved)




it is absolutely adorable and I think this might be my new favorite game!(love the graphics too!)


Thank you for making this game. I've been having some hard times in my life but Indie games have been bringing me a lot of comfort. This game in particular got to me on a deep level. And strawberries have become my aesthetic.

This looks so cool! I'm having some trouble actually getting it to work, though -- for some reason I'm unable to input text when the game asks for my name and thus I can't progress. Has anyone else had a similar issue?

So do i have the issue.


Will there be a second one, I would love the story to continue on!


search for Smilestrawbunny on youtube that is the creator's youtube channel where they post updates on new games such as Berrywitched: The harvest.  


i dont really know how a visual novel sequel works, but can be done.



Hello, i watched manly's playthrough on this game. I just wanted to comment that i loved the artstyle and the story, it was very inspiring and very cute in its own way. I hope you have a nice day <3

so, not a dl fame but browser only?

I really liked this game, the first and third endings are traumatizing tho.

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