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getting the breakdown ending the first time is… quite… the ending

Really unique story & creepy endings! I really didn’t expect the ending I got 😅 


came here from the YT:ManlyBadassHero
This game is perfect and the good ending is amazing. please do more games like this or on the same universe like a cherry witch.

I like eating strawberry :D




Truly a wonderful experience and would love to see more from this development team!

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I loved playing this game, there were so many endings to unlock and a lot of them were awfully wholesome.


I think Strawbunny is the cutest thing ever, but when you do eat him he is very detailed. R.I.P Strawbunny & The Player- 

Overall I love the game and I would definitely recommend the game to people who don't like intense horror games.


Love it!

Nicely written, and the art is just absolutely adorable! 


I also really loved the plot-twist, particularly with the breadown, good, and loop endings. All of those were really cleverly written!


there is a glitch where i cant put my name in  i'm on web version


MISUNDERSTOOD QUEEN this game was so sweet and the visuals were so pretty and whimsical! I loved playing it :D So cute!!

it won't let me enter my name :(

nvm i thought u had to press enter i didnt see the button

Great game 10/10 can't wait to play the sequel :D

yay awesome im guessing you meet the guy you play as in this

so fun!! Very cute and creative. :) hope to see more


Looks like this is your first game. What's more, you completed it in two weeks. Good job!

I have some constructive criticisms, but you can thoroughly disregard them if you want, since two weeks is a hard limit to make a game, especially having never done it before.
The fact you finished it AT ALL in those two weeks is a testament to your tremendous game development and writing skill, so once again, props.


Text reads too slow, you should either add a setting to speed it up, or speed it up naturally.

Art is notably amateurish, but I don't care, it's charming enough. If anything, it's clean, which is a big plus.

There's zero reason to have music restart upon changing BGs if it's the same music.
Also, the five second loop is rather grating. At least go for thirty seconds or something. I'm listening to it while writing this review and going insane.

Personal gripe, but I hate trigger warnings for ostensibly cute games. I'd rather you scar some children for life, than spoil the surprise for myself.

Font is too generic. A lot of VNs care about accesible fonts, which yours likely is, but it doesn't fit the art style of your game.

UI is overall poor. Save menu is unreadable, put a background behind it. Rollback behind the textbox is insane.

If I were you, I'd theme all the UI in your blocklined artstyle. Would add charm.

I got the Good Ending my first run. The twist was nice, took me by surprise. Good concept.

I refuse to go through it again to see the bad ends. I couldn't do that to Strawberry and the Strawbunny...

I liked clicking the strawberry to exit the menu. People might rag on you for it, saying you should have used some accessible universal symbol like an X, but I disagree. Charm over accesibility, in my opinion. Strawberry everything!

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Is this Cherry Pies Little sister?! If so I love this (I loved the game anyways, but this fact just makes it better)

Edit:I love the endings so much, and the cute little details! (Like her mouth being heartshaped) Thx for making this game, and the prequel! <3

What a great game! You deserve 5 stars, keep it up, I didn't expect to find a game this good that was free!

The Good Ending had me emotional. It's been a while since a game has made me feel that way. Thank you for the amazing game and story. HUGE fan <3

holy shit this hit so hard i rlly cried lol 10/1

I got all of the endings in my playthrough! It was a great game, and definitely worth the time to play. I think my only complaint was skipping over unseen dialouge when using the skip button, but that's more of a "my bad" thing. I'm used to visual novels automatically stopping the sped up text when new dialouge is reached, and assumed it would do the same here. Idk how hard that is to code, and honestly it's not a huge deal though. Anyways 10/10

There's a glitch where I can't put in my name. I'm using the browser version btw

I got the good ending on first try. I luv it 10/10


so good

That was nice. I got the good ending. <3
Only problem is the volume. No control or slider, and way too loud.

Normally I 100% Itch games like this, but after getting the good ending, it's enough. Strawberry deserves all the love in the world. I NEED more content with her! Yes, I know there's a prequel, but it's not enough. If I had money, I would donate all of it to you. My heart aches


I've dealt with my fair share of bad mental health. Just thinking of a little witching wanting to look out for me and save me is such a sweet concept, pun intended. Sort of like in Madoka Magica, “Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone.”


All Endings:

This game made it worth getting the FINAL ending. Like I said in the video you have to play the whole game to really appreciate the 5th ending. I LOVE Strawbunny🥰!!

Thank you!! Keep up the good work and stay safe!! 👍

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I've only had Strawbunny for fifteen minutes, but if anything happened to him I'd kill everyone in this room and then myself.

I absolutely adored your game!

If I may ask how long is the whole game with all the endings included?🤔😄

about 30-60 minutes

Thank you!😁


I cannot remember what my life was like before strawberry. Every day I play at least once per hour. I gradually have developed a strawberry theme of my own, finding new strawberry themed products everyday. The milk in my morning coffee has been replaced by strawberry milk. Strawberry lemonade is my go-to soft drink now. I use strawberry shampoo and soap.

My bedsheets and wallpaper is now strawberry themed. I use strawberry perfume. All I eat now is strawberrys and strawberry cake. The last time I ate meat is now a distant memory. At night, I see the forest leading me to the cottage, before waking upon tripping on a stone.

Someone told me to stop playing, and I blacked out. When I woke up, I was covered in a bright, strawberry red juice.

I saw God, and they were a strawberry.



literally me fr f


I love this game and I can even relate to Strawberry. Also my favorite fruits are strawberrys!

Strawberry is very cute. I wanted to give her a hug while reading her backstory. I got the ending that I wanted to see (easy decision to make). Getting just the one ending makes the VN very short for me, but I don't really need any other endings haha.

I just wanted to say thank you for making this. I really enjoyed and related to it! you don't get games like this very often.


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I Picked all the worst option and i feel like a total ass XD
This game is hella dope, it's understandable that the ui is bad because it ur first game but the writing is as good as always! i really enjoyed the game!

Hey, this is pretty good.

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look this a serial killer

Not if you choose the right choices :)

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