Soleil (pronounced “soh-lay”) and her girlfriend Esmeray (pronounced “ehz-mer-ay”)  have been together for almost three years! Leading up to their third year anniversary, Soleil decides the best way to celebrate would be to take Esmeray out on a date each day leading up to their anniversary! Will the dates be successful, or end in total failure? Play now to find out!

The game includes… 

☆Three cute dates between two cute lgbt characters!

☆Two fabulous endings!

☆Three secrets to uncover!

☆Countless cgs in a pixel-art style!

☆Retro themed music you’re certain to love!

☆About 30 minutes-1 hour of gameplay!

Soleil ☆ Pronouns: they/she 

 Full of sunshine,  Soleil is a hopeless romantic with big dreams and an even bigger heart! They strive to do their best and be a good, likable person. 

Esmeray ☆ Pronouns: she/they/he

Esmeray's a shining moon in the dark night sky; they always know how to brighten a room with their charm and humor! She's determined to make it big and have everyone know her name.

Content warning: This game includes mentions/depictions of child abuse,  slight gore, body horror, mild jump scares, and disturbing imagery.  This game is a light horror game, please enjoy :)

Anyone is free to record this game and stream it on twitch/post it on youtube! All I ask is that you show the credits at least once all the way through :)

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(52 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
Made withTyranoBuilder
TagsCute, Horror, LGBT, Pixel Art


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i cant play this game on crhomebook and it dosent let me play from i want that u devs would add the game avaible on crhome please?

this game was so good i made an account just to say how good it was

i got both endings. the game is an absolute work of art! its the perfect mix of cute and horror, with a touch of lgbtqia+! Great job! :)

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I absolutely loved this gamee, I just HAVE to leave a comment on this! ^^

It's such a cute game and just like Berrywitched I really enjoyed this. Your 'style' is very unique and I love how you combine a cute art style with really dark themes in your story. 

I saw a comment on a YT vid in which it was mentioned that you got lots of negative comments and are down about this, but I scrolled down and didn't see a single one that didn't praise the game in some way. The only thing I noticed was people saying they prefer Berrywitched. I hope you'll keep your chin up and don't see that as negativity or let that get to you. Even if some people prefer Berrywitched, that doesn't mean that this is a bad game or that they didn't like it! Just continue making games that are fun for you, and as long as your girlfriend and you enjoyed this game it has been worth it, right?

What I liked about the game: The artstyle and the character designs! Berrywitched only had one character sprite so this is a huge step-up for you. I also liked the interactive areas! That added so much gameplay variation to the game despite being mostly narrative.

To sum it up: This was so cool! ^^ I had so much fun with this!

Here are some things that I noticed about this game that I assume could have made some people confused. I will list them because I think that's more helpful to you instead of just saying what was good about it:

- The dates felt as if the player has to be careful about their decisions, but nothing was really missable and it always ended in the same results. Once I figured that out I started just clicking on everything on the second date until I had all three stars since I knew I would just succeed no matter what I do. It would have been cool if there had been a 'Bad Ending' for failing the dates to make the choices feel more important!

- The second point and click area of date 3. It was cool that the game suddenly turned mysterious but some things weren't obvious or didn't seem realistic. I know the game is not supposed to be very realistic but it still felt off-putting that the code was hidden in a videotape. I also would have never found the mirror if it hadn't been for the hint after the first ending. I just clicked around in the box until I found it because there were no indicators. Q_Q

- The stairs on date 3 part 1! XD That is just a personal nitpick, but the stairs were very hard to see and the area to click them was so small that it always activated the area next to it, so I thought I had already clicked on the stairs and was confused why the 3rd star is nowhere to be found T-T

Okay, I think that was all that really stood out to me as confusing. I hope the list combined with the advises other people have given you somehow helps you with your game design in the future. Your work is really impressive and I can't wait to see what you will make next! The Harvest is looking AMAZING so far!

Gave the game a 5 star rating ^^

Please always keep making games!!

The characters are so cute! Esmeray reminds me of myself UvU


i love this game so much like words can not discribe how much i loved this game this is the most beautiful, eloquent, best game i have ever played :]


the art and characters are great! i really liked the story but i dont understand the villain too well. also before the ooo creepy part their dynamic was really cute. sun girls past was also very really interesting.

AHHH GIRLFRIENDS!!!!! THEYRE SO CUTE ^__^ I REALLY DID NOT EXPECT THAT.. the art, the story, the horror, its all so wonderfully made!! i really enjoyed this 

Such a creepy game and watching the characters be attacked by the alien entity really gave for some shocking visuals. Was not expecting the bright cute date to suddenly turn into a dark nightmarish world.

This game is cute and fun. Until you click the wrong thing. Then, it immediately transitions to being nightmare fuel. 


the girls remind me a lot of the sprites of Ibuki Mioda and Mikan Tsumiki from Danganronpa

I'm confused as heck

Esmeray has i good she don't need to pay and wants to. 😫

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both are sussy 

It reminds me when

 i saw a couple making out in the parking lot in front of the store 


Esmeray is sadly a SIMP

press spacebar when there talking

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imma play

doing report on game it popped up


CUTE AND CREEPY GAME, i love!!!! ManlyBadassHero brought me here, i hope everyone gets to enjoy this experience!

I was absolutely in love with everything in this game! the characters, the art, the story, the horror, it is definitely one of my new favorite games I've played. I went into the game not realizing you also made Berrywitched, but once I realized I loved it even more! This game made me very happy, and I had so much fun editing and playing it. I wish it had been longer! Keep up the great work!



Since the title is From The Sun to The Moon, I imagine Soleil singing "Sun and Moon" to Esmeray XD

Baby baby you're my sun and moon 
Girl, you're everything between
A lot of pretty faces could waste my time
But you're my dream girl



Amazing game ! Soleil and Esmeray are the cutest and so are the designs, I loved the music and the ambiance, I love their outfits :) In terms of lore from what i've picked up i'd say: ( /!\ spoilers )

The red haired color person was soleil's mom and abused them (considering the kid is blond and the mom is talking about how "she" is not good for her so maybe talking about esmeray) ? - She was also a scientist who participated in the oblivion project but was manipulated by the creature they brought back from space, and opened their containment tube, obsessed and paranoid with the desire to know what her family or people truly thought of her - Oblivion possessed the mother's body and that's why when Soleil comes back, the creature says "I knew you would come here" (implying they knew soleil or maybe through the mom's memories) "were you expecting someone else?" (maybe soleil came here as a child and knew that her mother's body disappeared here?) and "stop crying like that you know you are trying to manipulate me" which are exactly her mother's words in one of the secrets. - Considering fake soleil's words, knowing esmeray's name ect... it is safe to say that while possessing a person, oblivion still retains some memories of the person? - Finally i'd say the mirror thing as to do with oblivion said to be a narcissist, so their own image could be fatal in some way?

However, soleil doesn't seem to remember the place as she looks for the directions and doesn't mention the place or their past in the good ending, So either i'm looking way too much into this or they have memory loss.

Anyway sorry for the long ass comment ! This was fun, keep up the good work :)) <3

i sent this game to my gf and told her it reminded me of us

after playing her response was: "it is us :3"

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Wait a minute-

Such a cool game it was to have something kinda different it was nice to watch this on youtube especially I don't see games like this so much pretty cool game and I wish to play it someday once I get a pc at least

Another interesting game~

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR PACING on the third date, it is amazing. I truly didn't expect that.

Though one mystery still remain to me.... Why.... A mirror?

Charming and sweet game and pretty sweet interactions. Love these kind of games. Only question, what happened to the alien in the good ending and who was that figure that freed it?

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Really good game, I enjoyed it a lot, however I couldn't help but notice a "date_4.png" in the files, as well as a "960x0.jpg" file which appears to be blank. A "glitch.gif" also appears in Esmeray's character image folders, I'm guessing this was an easter egg

Gosh, absolutely love this game! Super cool and very intriguing! Love the art and the characters <3

thank you for sharing it

That was quite a ride. I really liked the chemistry between Soleil and Esmeray. They're an adorable couple and I love the range of expressions (Es's starstruck face is my favorite). The pixel aesthetic is a really cool way to diversify your artstyle.

I don't know what it is, but I'm really enamored by your short-form stories and characters.

I want to gush more, but I'll just leave it that I look forward to more of your work! Happy Anniversary to you and your girlfriend, and take care!

I love your games, super great writing and art! This one certainly has relatability and charm. Can't wait to play more! 


Thank you that's so sweet! I'm happy it was relatable and charming, thats a big compliment for me,  thank you again!

This was a really well written game. It was creepy and touching. Great work! 

Thank you, and double thank you for playing my game! <33

Really cute game! I think I'm gonna be obsessed for the next month or 2-

Thank you haha I’m honored!!

Cam anyone do a walk thought


Manlybadasshero on youtube did one


my man played every game in existence

Amazing game! From the art to he Easter eggs! I got both endings! I also subed to ur YouTube channel (before playing ofc) and it was fun to see how the game went from "cute game jam to aliens" super fun to play not sure what the "secrets" are also the way you make backgrounds has changed so much! Really fun!  (Fan art lol) 

Oh my goodness thank you for such sweet words and the absolutely gorgeous fan art!!! I love it so so much! <3

Adorable game! I love the cahracter design and the chemistry between soleil and esmeray! I also like the horror aspect and turn of events in the game. Keep up the good work! 


Thank you so much!!! That means so much to me <3

Another banger from Smilestrawbunny, gotta say I still prefer Berrywitched! but there is something incredible eerie and mysterious about how this one turns out of nowhere into a really spooky story.

I have to admit I was doubting the game at the beginning because it was getting too cheesy for me (Just a personal preference) but OH BOY the game told me to shut up with how good it gets.

The art and music is really cute (and spooky) although I feel the game still have some small UI issues that can be improved upon, but thankfully nothing big that is even noticeable. All in all a lovely game.

I can't wait for your next game, keep the good work!

Aww thank you for playing my game I’m glad you liked it <3

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Anyways. loved the game! I have nothing but positive words for it. 11/10 

Aw thank you!!! That means the world to me! <3

My entire soul hurts so bad playing this game - BUT YO, AMAZING. You and your team did such a wonderful job, with the story line, the soundtrack (especially the scary music which send my soul into Heaven), the.. well, everything !!! And, btw, I'll be sure to definitely come back to this game to get the other ending ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

MY GOD THAT WAS SCARY. And adorable, scarible. <333


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed the game! <33

I LOVED THIS GAME SO MUCH!! is it okay to use them as a pfp?? ITS OKAY IF NOT



playing this game was a fun experience I love the character interactions 


Thank you for playing my game!!! <3

its a great game -v- very fun ( I was scared of  the jumpscares when I was playing it )

Haha thank you! i'm glad you liked it!

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