In Cherrywitched! You play as a witch detective for the Council of Witches who’s been struggling with a recent series of missing person cases. One day, you decide to take a break from work to visit your favorite cafe: Cherry Pie’s Cafe! This game takes place in the same universe as my first visual novel Berrywitched! So if you haven't played that game, please consider checking it out.


  • 6 unique endings!
  • Around 30 minutes+ of gameplay!
  • ~6 cgs!
  • One cute cherry-themed gal ;)

CONTENT WARNING: This game includes mentions/depictions of kidnapping, murder, blood, drugging, cannibalism, child abuse, and addiction. 


Art, Story, Characters, Writing: SmileStrawbunny

Background Art: Renmare and SmileStrawbunny


Sound Effects: YourPalRob

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(99 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withTyranoBuilder
TagsHorror, LGBT, Multiple Endings, roleplay, Short, wlw, yandere


Download 142 MB


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I played this game a while back but constantly got stuck on the part where Strawberry gets grabbed by the metal claws since I didn't know what to say.

I just watched ManlyBadassHero's video because I'm too dumb to figure it out myself...

Anyways this is a great game and I really enjoyed it! :)

cherry: exists

me: Lord, forgive me for what i'm about to do *unzips*

After many, MANY botched escapes/rescues, I'm glad to say that this game, and it's true ending, are expertly crafted

i click start game and that is what showed up and I'm like wtf maybe I shouldn't play this game man geez

also where is all this your talking about???

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Heya I've been to post this for a bit, for anyone who wants to talk about Bunny's games and characters. Welcome to the Berrywitched Discord Server.  This is an official Server.

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first impressions:


Ending 1/6

Shes so suspicious T.T



oooh nice game! i wish skip stopped after choosing an answer in dialogue tho.


Interesting plot~

Visually I wish there were more (in a sense "wow this is cool!!! I want to see more!!!")

Puzzle, however, is quite frustratingly confusing.

Just finished cherrywitched... It was great! Your writing was very on point, congrats.

I accidentally got the bad ending where strawberry died, she did NOT deserve that 😭

It would be cool to have a sequel to this or possibly a sequel to berry witched


it says the game runs on 32/64bit but my pc says it requires 64 bit

I'm Da Best True

 End 😎

My girlfriend thoroughly enjoyed this game! And seeing as I edit her videos, I must say, I LOVE your art style. It's so cute! :)


This was a great addition to the 'Witched' universe, really adds a lot of context to the events with Strawberry in Berrywitched! The art style is still beautiful and it was fun finding all the endings. Keep up the great work; I'm looking forward to seeing what you create next.

I'm at the part where berry is being squished and idk what the code is can anyone tell me it?

19 (sorry if you’ve already figured it out)


No it's fine

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Weird, the saves aren't working in the browser version...

They work fine with the choices, though.

I got all the endings !! and also got all the endings for berrywitched and (spoilers for berrywitched) did the council of witches send strawberry to the pocket dimension su1c1de forest?


Damn! I love the story so badly! The artstyle gives a stunning look here.. also it does explain why in berrywitched strawberry was was filled in fear when I ate the strawberry bunny because it's sort of represents her past with her sister.

Love the work though!


Guys how do I get the other endings? I can't get anything other than "TO-GO"


So first you ask if there are any grumpy cutormers then ask what school her kid goes to then ask if she has heard what the everlasting did

how do you get the other endings


Amazing keep it on!

I love this games plot and absolutely adore the use of music in this game, also I like the fact that this game is both a stand alone and is highly referencing the first game in my opinion it highly improves the impact the plot has and the game overall.

Hope you keep making astonishing games like theses and keep on improving with your music worldbuilding and storytelling as I've seen you've so far.

Incredible game and waiting for the next in this series.

i'm having a hard part at the point when i have to type something in it won't let me type anything i'm in browser


I wrote a page for Cherry on the Villains wiki if you would like to take a read.!)


WAHH FINALLY GOT THE TIME TO GET INTO THIS soooo awesome i love inquiry and cherrys design bangs i gotta draw her >:D also seeing miss strawberry here INSANE didnt actually expect it at all but its a rly cool way to connect the games...I love this world so much anyways veeeery cool! well done n congrats on making a great game <3 ^_^


Got every ending and I hope part two is made love love loveed it 10/10

does anyone know what Inquiry’s speciality is?

I think her’s is mind ( I’m not sure if it’s canon anymore tho)

I loved this game! I even got all endings!

Bro i can only get ending one HOWWWWW


you are an idiot that is how




I already know that bro it doesn't help 😭 (also the game wasn't properly working it's alr now )


i love it! i got all the endings. the artwork is beautiful, the storiline is super intresting, the character designs are good. great job as always!


This game is amazing, i got all the endings!


SPOILER WARNING: Amazing game! I just played Cherrywitched and Berrywitched! So I noticed that Strawberry (from this game) looks really similar to Strawberry (in Berrywitched), are they the same person, just all grown up?






I’m pretty sure they are the same person! They are very similar and they are definitely most likely the same person, which makes Cherrywitched a prequel to Berrywitched. (If I’m correct-)


I was scrolling through the comments while waiting for it to load...BUT DANG, KIDNAPPING? MURDER? BLOOD? ETC.??? i still loved the game. Good job to the people who helped on making this game. And the creator themselves. 🙌

Saw and visual novel and immediately got scared

5/5 it was so much fun!

Best game i've played in a looong time. Will definitely go back and play your other games. Following now <3

 mentions/depictions of kidnapping, murder, blood, drugging, cannibalism, child abuse, and addiction.

My Favorite

I really enjoyed this game

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