In Cherrywitched! You play as a witch detective for the Council of Witches who’s been struggling with a recent series of missing person cases. One day, you decide to take a break from work to visit your favorite cafe: Cherry Pie’s Cafe! This game takes place in the same universe as my first visual novel Berrywitched! So if you haven't played that game, please consider checking it out.


  • 6 unique endings!
  • Around 30 minutes+ of gameplay!
  • ~6 cgs!
  • One cute cherry-themed gal ;)

CONTENT WARNING: This game includes mentions/depictions of kidnapping, murder, blood, drugging, cannibalism, child abuse, and addiction. 


Art, Story, Characters, Writing: SmileStrawbunny

Background Art: Renmare and SmileStrawbunny


Sound Effects: YourPalRob

Published 15 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(39 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withTyranoBuilder
TagsHorror, LGBT, Multiple Endings, roleplay, Short, wlw, yandere


Download 142 MB


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Bro i can only get ending one HOWWWWW


i love it! i got all the endings. the artwork is beautiful, the storiline is super intresting, the character designs are good. great job as always!


This game is amazing, i got all the endings!

SPOILER WARNING: Amazing game! I just played Cherrywitched and Berrywitched! So I noticed that Strawberry (from this game) looks really similar to Strawberry (in Berrywitched), are they the same person, just all grown up?

I was scrolling through the comments while waiting for it to load...BUT DANG, KIDNAPPING? MURDER? BLOOD? ETC.??? i still loved the game. Good job to the people who helped on making this game. And the creator themselves. 🙌

Saw and visual novel and immediately got scared

5/5 it was so much fun!

Best game i've played in a looong time. Will definitely go back and play your other games. Following now <3

 mentions/depictions of kidnapping, murder, blood, drugging, cannibalism, child abuse, and addiction.

My Favorite

I really enjoyed this game

The true ending was adorbs

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Really good!!! I played it in my browser cuz windows wouldn't let me run it :( Anyways this is really cool...I'm a fan of gore...idk why! One of my favorites :) Love the artstyle and story and i like the theme because i like cherries :) 

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cute game , the characters is so cute !!!!! <3

am i allergic to cherries

I love this game :D


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It's simply amazing. Story not only take so many themes on so many levels but also explain what happened between Cherry Witched and Berrywitched (even if it's not a prequel, it can be mistaken for one) And if this is a prequel to Berrywitched...does it mean that Inquiry is dead? Or she retired from her job, to pass torch of hope to her adopted daughter? Maybe that's why Strawberry in Berrywitched so inexperienced with magic? She decided to impress her parental/mentor figure,but bitten too much to swallow? I hope there will be more games about this trio. World building of witch world and main characters are too great to be left without continuation of their stories in my opinion.

This game was awesome, I didn't expect Cherry Pie to be so wild, but it was fun. 10/10


A berry cute visual novel with a dark yandere twist! Wasn’t expecting it to get so dark, but I enjoyed the story! 

This game is really cool. Keep up the good work!

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I really hope your games catch on! Cute and Horrifying but also with some terrible secret lore! I will also say, theres a bit of a bug where you can only use the navigation buttons if the dialogue is finished.

I love that there's somewhat of a sequel to berry witched :D

Also, content warning jumpscare


All I can get is first ending I mean it's an amazing game, but I don't know what to do. 


Have you managed to get the other ends or would you like the answers to unlock the others? 

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I loved it! I liked a lot the additions of a point and click game, it made it more mechanic and entertaining!

The art is lovely and the story is really interesting. I'm looking foward to more Fruit Witched Adventures! ❤️💖

I'd like to start by sayinig I love your work

But I'd like to spleak on behalf of all french being as bad as me in Englis 

Could you pity a French version as for your first virtual novel ( which is also manific) thank :)

Save isn't working for me. It definitely added my save to the save list, but when I clicked load to pull up my save, it wasn't there, not even when I returned to the menu and pulled up load from there. Am I the only one who noticed this?


Well i did when i was playing in browser but i didn't mind

I was in browser too. Fortunately the skip works pretty well to get to where I left off.


Well it didn't work for me and idk why so when i had to get the other endings i just skip it to be faster :)

The quality is amazing I love how the characters are drawn and the puzzles. I agree with some of the other comments about only skipping seen text just so your hard work doesn't get zoomed past. I also noticed that if I skipped through the end it would keep skipping in a new game. Combining what we know for Berrywitched and Cherrywitched the lore runs deep within this universe and I would love to play more of it!

Hopefully this isnt a prequel to berrywitched =<


it is.

Deleted 11 days ago
Deleted 11 days ago

Just like, what's that- Bonnies Bakery! An innocent theme with a friendly color palette, until you play more. Then the real horror starts.


Another excellent game, I love how much development you put into your characters and worldbuilding in such a short space of time. The art was gorgeous as usual and it was a really engaging story. I do wonder what it would have been like to play this if I hadn't played Berrywitched already, because knowing what happens in that game makes the true ending here so sad. 


WAIT A MINUTE, is Strawberry from the first game, Cherrie's little sister?!?!?!

⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝♡ .*・。゚


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| .;' what

played this w/ friends on vc it was a good game :)


I WAS SO EXCITED WHEN I SAW THIS GOT RELEASED!! The game is so charming and i absolutely love the art for it! You can definitely see the improvements since Berrywitched and I loved how this game looked. All the colors are so nice, and the story was so fun! The connections and reference to the other games were awesome to see as well. Overall, lovely game and I really enjoyed it! can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Just a bug i noticed int the web version: Saving doesn't work properly, the safe file disspears

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