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Charlie is your average anxious 19-year-old in a world full of fun, fantastical creatures. Scared of being useless, they find themselves making a deal with a creature that promises to make them an all-powerful being known as a “Magician.” Now, they go through each day ready to use their magical powers to make the world a better place! If only making the world a better place was as easy as they had hoped…

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“Magician” is an episodically released psychological horror visual novel. Currently, only the first day is out. The first day includes:

  • 20-40 minutes of gameplay
  • ~7k words
  • A nonbinary protagonist!
  • A cast of fun, lovable characters!
  • Original music and artwork that’s sure to win your heart!

If the game closes on its own, don't despair, there's still more to play if you start it back up!

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This game includes depictions/mentions of blood, vague insobriety,  suicide, death, and disturbing imagery. It is not recommended for children or those who are in a bad mental state.

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This game is a-okay to make videos about and stream! Go wild! I only ask that whenever the credits pop up, you let it show all the way through.

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Special Thanks to Team Salvato, Arcadekitten, and 395Rathieu, when I was stuck I looked towards your coding for help!

Special Thanks to Term Sheets, a last-minute addition that made the game pop!

Ren'py ChromaGlitch by Gouvernathor:


Cg Art, Sprite Art, Illa and Arley's designs by Sillygutzsketches:


Music, SFX, and audio engineering by Raine Eera:


GUI by NingNing:


Uschii's voice provided by Lizzie Freeman:


Background art by Renmare

Story/Writing, Character designs, Cassio’s Sprites, Chibi art, Programming, and Charlie/Uscharlie’s voice provided by BB DeMont


luaneedssleep, red_fox_cosplays, sillysquib, kawaiic.cosplay, aringeclown, raineeera, arcadekitten, kewpiedollz, ena_wave/ena.wave

Updated 12 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(43 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, Creepy, Cute, Horror, LGBT, magical-boy, magical-girl, pscyhological-horror, Short


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Magician-1.9.2-pc.zip 507 MB
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This is so good already!!! Cannot wait for day 2, i'm so hooked! Love love love the art style and pretty much everything about this game ♥

Charlie is so me-coded ^_^

Absolutely loved playing day one! 

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by the way, if you beat the game again something diferent will happen!

cool arg parts :)

An exceptionally interesting wee game indeed 


would also smash charlie




Man, woman, or something else entirely; Charlie's got me rizzed

you say that like it contradicts the original point


would smash charlie


but Charlie don't have cannon gender, it can be women or men.


you heard the man


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sad what Charlie end up dying, but its a good game which promise what you have an option but in meantime, the end will be the same. i wonder tho can u actually save Charlie? i reinstalled the game but nothing happen

i hope this game will get more story and more gameplay! but for now there not so much things to do.

Great start! I'm definitely very curious about what is really going on, who is there behind the scenes forcing the restarts; it also adds another layer of mystery how it seemed that only Uscharlie seemed to notice anything was off on day two.

The art and cg's were adorable; I'm really looking forward to the next instalment! 

That was absolutely amazing! Very cute to sad to scary to terrifying, loved it! Can't wait for more!

This game was loads of fun! Thoughts at the end of the video.

Great work! I'm already invested in the story!

Hello, the game is just wonderful. I came across it by accident and was amazed, although I did not immediately realize that it was something like a demo.

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Just made my first video about this game. I like the story so far. Keep up the great work! :) 

This game is awesome! I really like it. I was kinda sad when I realized there's only day one out. I can't wait for day 2! I'll be checking to see if day 2 is out yet!


GAME BLEW MY EXPECTATIONS! I don't usually play vn but the art style of this one caught my attention. I really liked the twist you did with this game and I am sooo looking forwards to the next day! I will def check out your other games cause this one really was so good! Nice work once again, you really outdid yourself ^_^!

I LOVED YOUR VIDEO! Thank you so much for playing!!!



there are more i found so far the followings SPOILERS (i think)
1. at some point sadly i don't know when you got a note in the games folder called 'error' the text can be decoded into the following by usin base64: "sTupid f*cking old man! wHat even is any of this? is this really the plan herE? if it’s really meant to cOntain these things, then… it makes no Damn sense… i know yOu can see this- what the hell were you thinking putting them in heRe?! now i have to clean up your stupid mEss!"
2. then a new file appears called 'getout' with the same text it means: "Shit, it's getting worse- I don’t know who the hell you are, but stop meddling with this! You don’t know what you’re dealing with here! Leave this to me, I have it under control."
3. finally at some point the game closes and it opens a site on you computer wiht a business card(?): "He won’t come to help you" and "YouCantReachhim"


1. in the "error" note, the capitalized letters spell out THEODORE, the name of the man on the business card. Interesting!

2. also in the game files, in a folder titled saves, there's a file titled "persistent". It has a lot of text in chinese characters and some random symbols. Google translate got very confused!

Later, when I looked back at the file, it was garbldygook that I don't know how to decode.

Someone else should try to decode it, they might have more success than me!

i have a bit of problem, for some reason im not able to download the game like when i click install it doesnt show any of the install version (mac and pc)

Oh no! It could be that you tried to install while I was updating the files- maybe try again now? 

i tried once again today but no luck :( i have noticed that there arent the icons next to the downloads (compares to eachother)

Thats so strange, I’m so sorry it’s giving you troubles! I tried fiddling with the files one more time…

(1 edit)

it works now! Thank you!!

I am absolutely in love with this game so far!! I'm typically not crazy about visual novels but you have executed this one in a way that is super thrilling and attention grabbing! I love the overall horror concept you took on for this one and I think it is sooooo fun and I am loving the storyline and hidden lore!!!  Keep up the good work and I can't wait for the next day to come out!

Ah Deli hi!!!!!!! You are so unbelievably sweet! I’ll have to check this out asap, thank you so much for playing my game! ^^ <3

SOOOOO CRAZY GOOD! Wasn't sure what to expect but I'm THRILLED! Can't wait to see more for this series!! <333


I played this game and this was SUCH a cute game and I loved everything about it, especially the art style! Can’t wait for day 2!

Thank youuu!! <3




I love your previous games and I'm excited for this and lightkeeper but there not on mobile so I can't play them yet i hope you add a mobile version for this and lightkeeper


Thought this was very interesting on first glance and I'm glad I checked it out! Very interesting and I can't wait to see where it goes! Best of luck on the development!

Thank you so much for playing!!! I’m glad you liked it, I’ll be sure to check the video out later! ^^


what a great game!! Everything from the art to the atmosphere to the voice acting, splendid!!!!! i am really looking forward to whatever comes out of this haha

Thank you so so much!!! It means a lot ^^


Me and Noree played your game and let's just say that the endings(?) really left us in shock. We were not expecting none of all of that at all! I LOVED THE GAME AAAA It was so much fun to play and to also check out the code and decypher it. I can't wait for the next updates!! Everybody did such an amazing job~! <3

IM SO GLAD YOU BOTH LIKED IT! <33 Thank you so much for playing!


Your work has always been amazing so I knew I was going to enjoy this as soon as I installed it, and when I first started playing I was already in love. The art is beautiful as always and the characters are so fun and endearing, really found myself attached to Charlie and wishing they could like themselves more. There was already more than enough in those first twenty minutes for this to be a great game... but OH MY GOD! My jaw dropped the moment the credits rolled on my first go around and it stayed firmly on the floor as I discovered everything else. It's been a while since a game's caught me off guard that severely. AND THIS IS ONLY DAY ONE?! I am going to be keeping a very close eye on this game, it is utterly excellent.


THANK YOU! You’re gonna make me cry in all the best ways- I’m so happy you liked the game 💕

Let Despair Consumes Your Heart

Yay thank you so much for playing! <3

Yep yep yep!


just finished the game and I'm genuinely speechless, I have so much to say but I don't know how to word it... the combination of the atmosphere, characters, art, and everything flows SO well with each other if it was possible I'd want it printed in my brain and it makes me so happy, the interactions between lucifer and charlie are so so cute they made me grin and smile multiple times <333 looking forward to the rest of the days plus their silly lovely interactions, no doubt I'm going to love them even more when it happens !!!

Ah thank you so much, this was so heartwarming to read!!! I’m so happy you liked the game, we definitely have a lot of fun things planned for sure <3

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omg hey im in the description hello *waves*


I am SO UNBELIEVABLY PROUD of ALL OF YOU and the wonderful work you put into this game!!! What a stellar team. I hope Magician gets the attention it deserves <3 


THANK YOU!!! You’re beyond sweet, we all really appreciate it!

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OH MY GODDD THIS GAME IS AWESOME!! I did not know what to expect but it definitely wasn't this (/pos)!!!!! 

The art style is absolutely GORGEOUS!! Silly did an amazing job! I love how colorful and... well, silly it looks!!! The backgrounds also look super cute, I love Charlie's room!

I have so much to say about the game but I think I'm the first comment and I don't want to spoil anything for anyone else. But holy wow this is so cool and I'm so excited for day 2!!!!


Thank you so much, this is the loveliest first comment I could’ve hoped to receive! <3 I’m so happy you liked the game!