A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You're the Princess of Lumien, the Kingdom of Light. You find yourself waking up in a cold, dark lighthouse. With no memories of how you got there and no magic to defend yourself, you search through your new prison for anything to help your… predicament. 


Lightkeeper is a point-and-click horror/romance visual novel made for Spooktober 2023. It features:

-⊱ One true ending, five trait endings, and three bad endings

-⊱Twelve cgs

-⊱1-1:30 hours of gameplay

-⊱A beautiful story inspired by fantasy aesthetics with a princess and a dragon!



This game includes depictions of violence, gore, grotesque descriptions, bugs/insects, and other disturbing themes.



Writing & Art: SmileStrawbunny

Music: Raine Eera 

(Listen to the soundtrack here! https://linesofthought.bandcamp.com/album/lightkeeper-game-soundtrack)

Backgrounds and RPMaker implementation: Kathinka.png

Sound Effects: Raine Eera 


Visual NOvel Choices by Galv

GALVMessageBackground by Galv

HIME_HiddenChoiceConditions by HimeWorks

HIME_DisabledChoiceConditions by HimeWorks

NonCombatMenu by mjshi

ChainCommand by mjshi

Animated Busts by Astfgl


NOTE: This game will have updates in the future to clean up bugs, writing, and add more art!

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorsSmilestrawbunny, Kathinka
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Fantasy, Horror, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Multiple Endings, Romance, RPG Maker, wlw


Lightkeeper-win.zip 254 MB
Lightkeeper-mac.zip 390 MB


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A great visual novel with a neat game mechanic that influences dialogue choices and multiple endings, it reminds me a little bit of Princess Maker! Here's my playthrough for anyone interested:

a few of the traits were quite difficult to figure out, so here's an unofficial endings guide for anybody who got stuck like me (slight spoiler warning):

  • Obedient: Don't break your chains and then go to sleep
  • Misguided: Break the glass in the aquarium room with the hammer and then break the talking mirror when given the chance
  • Kindhearted: Don't break the glass in the aquarium room, clean up the glass shards after breaking the glass case in the insect collection room, head back down to the aquarium room, and then intervene to save the servant when given the chance
  • Lorekeeper: Read all the books contained in the drawers in the room with the floor hatch and closet (keep interacting with it until you get the hint for the 4-digit passcode), open the small box on the shelf with the passcode in the talking mirror room after obtaining its crystal peacefully
  • Strong-Willed: Ignore the bugs and also resist the temptation to scratch when first arriving to the insect collection room, then express your discomfort to the talking mirror when given the chance
  • True Ending: Simply gather all 3 crystals without activating the other endings or game overs, it should default to this ending
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Heya I've been meaning post this for a bit, for anyone who wants to talk about Bunny's games and characters. Welcome to the Berrywitched Discord Server.  This is an official Server 


Interesting game!!! I honestly didn't expect rpg maker games to be utilized in such way!!!

There's a few minor softlocking bugs, buttttt other than that it's an interesting story~

I love the game so far!! I wanted to ask about the part of the game where you need to press the right buttons to get the silver key in the bug room. In my version of the game, I only have about 3ish seconds to press them all, but I found a clip (specifically from Meeka's Grimoiriaums) that gives you significantly longer. Was the time for pressing those button prompts changed at any point? Just wanna make sure there's not something up with my game haha

This story was great too. How you manage to make a story be creepy or crushing in one ending, to making it heartwarming in the true ending is really nice. Just an overall great experience. It has similar themes of loneliness and romance as the other stories I seen, but it still managed to be its own thing. I also noticed this story mentions enlightenment (although ofc its within the context of a fantasy story), and how berrywitched's main character also talked of "surpestitions of other cultures", do you take inspiration from actual surperstitions when writing fantasies? I generally find that fascinating to see in stories hence the question. Thanks.

Yay I can play on Mac now :D


Amazing game! I loved the range of endings, from the wholesomeness of the True Ending, to the beautiful Bad Endings - honestly the Mirror End really made me think of Repo The Genetic Opera. I'm so glad I managed to find all the endings. 

The story and artwork are both great, I really felt bad is Elizabelle when we found out the circumstances that lead to us being inside the lighthouse.

You and Kathinka did an great job on this game! 

this game was so much better than i expected!! not in the way that i expected it to be bad! it was just so amazing and it completely exceeded my expectations for it! was not expecting it to be so long with so many endings! but i loved it! every second of it! the art was so beautiful and i loved the story too! AAAA it was just so amazing!! very fun and cute and definitely a bit creepy for someone who has a fear of bug bites haha!! ((: <3

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you ended up liking it more than you thought!!! :D 

I finally finished the game and oh my gosh it was great, Loved the story. Kathinka and You make for a great team Bunny!

Elizabelle is adorable

Thank you! ^^


LOVELY!!!!!!!!!! good job you all this was very cool >:D favorite part was trying to guess who made what while playing bwahah the kathinka n strawbunny styles r so distinct down to the writing and all but it came together very beautifully ^_^ love to hear raine eera music once again as well, very nice :D

You're too sweet!!! <3 Thank you so much Charlie haha! It's so funny how you can tell our works apart lolll

awww! thank you so much, that's delightful to hear :')

Super nice game, had a great time playing it! I loved the twist at the end - not going to spoil too much of it tho. ;)

Looks like your works are getting even better as time goes!

Awww thank you! that means the world to me and my team <3

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I loved it ^-^ Short and sbsolutely sweet~
I completed it and went back to see the game overs... it hits harder knowing the truth and then seeing how things could've gone bad.

Your stories are always awesome
Looking forward to seeing some gameplays on youtute <3

Also... [spoilers]
out of sheer curiosity, I made a script to pass the "impossible" mirror part when you select "try to stop it" instead of calming down
.... am very sad that nothing is hidden there if you do make it XD [jk]
i know it's supposed to not be winnable, but stiiiillll.... (missed opportunity to troll curious people that are willing to bend the rules, lmao)

Haha thank you so much! We probably would have added something if we had more time, lol! thanks again for playing <3

Lovely game!! I very much enjoyed it, the art is very pretty and the atmosphere was very swag. I love women <3

I got the true end, all three bad ends, and three trait ends (missguided, lorekeeper, and obedient– I can't seem to find the other ones! If anyone knows what they are could you help me out??)

I mean absolutely no disrespect but I did notice some bugs so I thought I would share:

- After I left the original room on floor 4, I came back and clicked on the door again. It had the same dialogue of being surprised that the door opened and waiting to make sure I could exit, which I thought might be a mistake. But more importantly, my whole screen turned black after that. I tried clicking and it would give the dialogue for looking at the bugs on the wall, but the screen was just entirely black. I saved the game then, left, and came back, and it was still the same. I ended up having to load an earlier save

- After getting the missguided trait (I think that's what caused it), there was the dialogue option for 'If I was preserved in death like these bugs, how would I feel?' that was something along the lines of "I'd be a collector's item." The text of this dialogue option goes offscreen on both sides

- Otherwise I just noticed a couple spelling errors: I don't know if "missguided" is intentional misspelled but usually its "misguided," one line was "You sat down in front of the mirror displaying this cene before you." rather than "scene," and I forgot to note it but somewhere at the very beginning it said "knew" instead of "new."

Thank you for making this awesome game!! I hope I did not come off as rude or disrespectful, I really enjoy your work and mean only the best :)

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Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game- thank you for pointing out the bugs too! (extra thank you also for being so kind when pointing out bugs too haha! Some people can get mean about it so it's nice to see some positivity) We were scrambled to upload this in time so it's very helpful to know what to fix for the next update! ^^ I'll also most likely post an endings guide soon so everyone can figure out how to get the other endings <3 

Hey there, it's been a while since you commented so I'm sure you've probably moved on from this, or have found the other paths yourself, but if you're still wondering about the other two trait endings,

bit of a spoiler warning:
once you exit the room you awaken in, ignore the bugs itching at your legs, and it will lead you to a new trait

as for the remaining trait, just go back to the glass you smashed in the room with the cased insects, and give it another inspection. this should lead you to the final trait 

that's about it, hope this helps anyone else who may be wondering about the same thing. :)

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Short and very sweet, I loved it. Very clever use of RPG Maker for the point and click. Have been a fan of your work been a long time and you keep releasing great games one after the other. Please, keep up the good work, I'd love to see even more!

Thank you! It means the world to me and my team <3


I absolutely adore how flowery yet understandable the prose is. It really adds to the Fairy tale atmosphere. 

Also the true end was just so sweet, and it makes some bad ends even more heartbreaking in hindsight. 


Aw, thank you so much! I'm really happy we were able to provide the atmosphere we were going for <3